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A spicy blend of almonds, peas, papaya and pumpkin seeds.

VIP mix is your go to snack mix for fueling an ACTIVE and HEALTHY lifestyle.

Live Healthy.   Be Fierce.

Powerful health benefits by ingredient.

Antimicrobial:  eliminates various strains of bacteria, yeast & mold.
Anti-Inflammatory:  helps eliminate sores & injuries

Lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of cancer (confirmed in Cancer Letters research) and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Dried Peas
High protein and high fiber.

Pumpkin Seeds
Boosts your intake of protein – each seed provides almost 9 grams of the nutrient.  Can lower cholesterol and contains iron to support red blood cell function.

High in antioxidants in dried papaya, more beta-carotene than carrots, and more vitamin C than kiwi fruit. Papaya is useful in aiding digestion because the enzymes of the fruit help to digest proteins, fats, and starches.

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